Hello there I'm Finn-Thorben Sell.
I am currently pursuing my Master of Science in Computer Science at the Universität Hamburg.
My hobbies consist of playing Badminton, engaging in the Hamburg Bit-Bots - a student organized RoboCup Team and doing my own Projects (like this Website).

Curriculum Vitae
2021-nowUniversity - Master Since 2021 I am pursuing my Master of Science in Computer Science at the Universität Hamburg.
2021-nowSHK at TAMS (Universität Hamburg) I am currently, once again, employed as a student tutor teaching the Robocup Projekt and Robocup Praktikum courses.
2017-2021University - Bachelor I have finished my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree in 2021 with my final thesis about the Integration of Software Development Testing Practices in Robotics (BA-Thesis Download).
2019-2020 Working student at AON Assessment Solutions At AON I was tasked with multiple software development tasks including the creation and evaluation of a browser-based frontend testing solution.
2018-2019SHK at Softwaretechnik (Universität Hamburg) I was employed as student tutor tasked with supporting new students to learn basic programming principles and the Java programming language.
2018-2018SHK at Sicherheit in verteilten Systemen (Universität Hamburg) At SVS I was part of a team developing a system used for storing and processing medical information. My tasks mostly consisted of implementing and managing the Continuous Integration environment.
2015 Internship at Popp Feinkost GmbH This internship was one of the first steps into an IT oriented career at which I was part of Popp's internal IT-Department.
My work there consisted of helping out in maintaining the company infrastructure, refilling printer toner (of course) and automating small tasks with Excel Macros.
2014Year abroad in Canada I originally went to Canada to improve my english skill (which worked) and got a second family in the process. We're still in close contact and have met again a few times over the past years.
2013 Internship at Lufthansa Technik AG During this internship I helped disassembling and assembling aircraft engines when they underwent maintenance in Hamburg.
It was more of a manual labor type job; quite different from what I do now which didn't make it any less interesting though and I enjoyed it a lot.
2008-2017Highschool I went to Elsensee Gymnasium in Quickborn until grade 11 at which point I did my year abroad in Canada. Afterwards I continued my education at Berufsbildungszentrum Norderstedt where I graduated with Abitur in 2017.

I'm active on many communication platforms, some of them are listed here: